Episode 16

Published on:

6th Mar, 2024

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About the Podcast

Transit Voices
With Ben Whitaker
Transit innovator Ben Whitaker looks to amplify the voice of those who have pushed the envelope and worked tirelessly to make public transit the backbone of people’s mobility. What results is a light-hearted conversation intertwined with reflections about the practical use of technology in the transit industry, reducing waste and getting the most for your public buck, and most importantly, getting people out of their personal cars and onto public transit and shared mobility whenever possible. As a technological pioneer in transport ticketing, Ben is passionate about not falling prey to the technological overhype and instead looking for practical solutions that will bring the most value to transit agencies and riders alike. This is a common thread throughout this podcast series and stands as the basis of the ‘Boondoggle vs The Underdog’ section of the episodes.